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Tips to Avoid Cancer

October 23, 2014

cancertipsCancer refers to a group of diseases which involve abnormal growth of cells having the potential of invading or spreading to other parts of the body. The risk of cancer rises significantly with age as well as with the lifestyle that an individual is practicing. It is essential to become aware of the variety of ways one can help prevent the development of cancer as this disease is indeed a devastating one.

It is essential to have a healthy lifestyle in order to have lesser risk of having cancer. Among the important things needed to be considered are the diet, exercise, and the avoidance of tobacco use. Below are some of the vital ways to take into consideration in order to prevent cancer:

Load up on greens – the chlorophyll making the greens its dark color has magnesium which has been found to lower the colon cancer risk for women.

Burn off the risk – do a moderate exercise like brisk walking for about two hours per week as this will cut the risk for breast cancer. Having the regular workouts will aid in lowering the risks by burning the fats.

Filter tap water – this will reduce the exposure to the suspected or known carcinogens as well as hormone-disrupting chemicals. The water must be stored in stainless glass or steel to avoid chemicals that can leach from the plastic bottles like the BPA.

Marinate meat – meats that are processed, cooked well-done, and charred may contain cancer-causing heterocyclic amines, which are formed as the meat is being seared at high temperatures. There may also be polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that may go into the food when it is being charcoal broiled. Adding thyme and rosemary to the marinade and marinating the meat at least one hour prior to cooking will lessen the HCAs by 87% based on a research.

Head off the cell phone risks – usage of mobile phones increases the risk for brain cancer so it is wise to make use of the cell phone for short calls or texts, and utilize a hands-free device which will keep the phone away from the head.

Eat foods that are clean – it is recommended to buy meats that are free of antibiotics and added hormones as these are suspected to cause endocrine problems like cancer. It is also important to wash the grown foods including the fruits and vegetables which are purchased to remove the pesticides or residues.

Increase the intake of calcium – milk helps to protect from colon cancer.

Pay attention to the pain – it is important to consult a doctor when you experience a bloated belly, pain in the pelvis, and urinary urgency because these symptoms may be a warning sign for ovarian cancer.

Avoid scans which are not needed – it is essential to avoid too much exposure to CT scans because of its high doses of radiation being delivered. Its multiple usages must be avoided because its high doses of radiation may be a triggering factor for the development of leukemia.

This information is not intended to constitute a medical diagnosis or treatment. Seek the advice of a qualified health care physician in regards to your medical care.